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January 2020

Nevertheless She Existed

I took to the Caveat stage in NYC to tell the story of Caroline Herschel, comet finder and epic grudge holder.

October 2019

Visceral Science

Visceral Science is an astronomy lesson in virtual reality designed for middle school students. I've spent months consulting with WSF and leading demos of the experience at conferences.

August 2019

Women in Space Interview

Iris Fisher is interviewing women who study space to inspire the next generation of young girls to pursue STEM careers.

July 2019

Everyday Einstein

I discussed what it takes to turn a research idea into a published scientific paper.

May 2019

PS 201 space lessons

A group of first graders in Queens were learning about space exploration, so I answered their awesome questions about the cosmos

March 2019

Standup at Scientista

I performed a standup comedy routine at the Scientista Foundation's annual symposium for women in STEM.

February 2019

Symposium Academic Standup

For the first time ever, I tried my hand at standup comedy. The theme of the night was "Blackademia," where Black academics performed sets inspired by their experiences being black in their respective fields.

December 2018

Apocalypse NowThis: The Sun

The Apocalypse NowThis team interviewed me to find out if the Sun poses a threat to us here on Earth.

November 2018

Creative Science at Artisan's Asylum

I taught a group of artists and makers how to let science inspire their craft. 

August 2018

Mapping Alien Worlds

I wrote about my first graduate research project in American Scientist! They made pretty graphics and everything.

January 2018

Exomountains on the Cool Worlds Youtube Channel

I recorded a video explaining my first graduate research project.

February 2017

Trappist-1 on MSNBC

Astronomers discovered a system of 7 planets orbiting a star about 40 lightyears away. I talked about the system and what its discovery means for exoplanetary research on MSNBC.

April 2016

Stellar Harvard Seniors

The Harvard Gazette wrote about my senior thesis, a science fiction novel set on a planet I studied.

December 2019

Teach the Geek

I spoke with Neil Thompson, creator of Teach the Geek to Speak, about how I got into science communication.

September 2019

She+ Geeks Out Workshop

I was invited to give a workshop at the inaugural She+ Geeks Out Summit. I taught attendees how to use the scientific method in their everyday lives.

July 2019


I spoke at WakandaCon about my life as a black woman in astrophysics. I also dressed up as Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus!

June 2019

1 Million Women in STEM

This organization is on a mission to profile 1 million women in STEM careers, and I was lucky to be 1 in a million!

April 2019

Arts & Astro

I taught artists and astronomy enthusiasts how to let science inspire their creativity.

February/March 2019

Speaker at South Africa's National Science Festival

I spent three weeks traveling around South Africa to communicate science. I spoke at schools, amateur astronomy societies, and a national science festival!

February 2019

Rockland Astronomy Club Lecture

I gave a lecture to the amazingly curious members of the Rockland Astronomy Club. The talk was about telescopes and how I use different instruments for my own research on planets outside of our solar system.

December 2018

Size Isn't Everything (For Telescopes)

There are more important things about a telescope than its size. I described some of them at the last Columbia Astronomy Public Lecture of 2018.

October 2018

ACCESS at New York Hall of Science

I was paired with an amazing artist, Andrew Scoville, to design an exhibit for NYSCI. We created an interactive planet-themed escape room.

June 2018

Science Goes to the Movies

I joined two other astronomers and one psychologist to talk about our favorite fictional scientists.

August 2017

Science Goes to the Movies

I taught a real-life astronaut about the physics and math that sent him into space. Then we talked about the social commentary in Hidden Figures.

December 2016

Guest on Stupid Human Suits Podcast

Carol Hartsell and Sean Crespo interviewed me on Stupid Human Suits, their podcast about life, death, and everything in between.

December 2015

15 Most Interesting Harvard Seniors

I was named one of Harvard's 15 most interesting seniors of 2016!

November 2019

Talks at Ward Beecher Planetarium

I traveled to Youngstown, Ohio to talk about telescopes, my PhD research, and teaching STEM to non-science majors.

August 2019

Astrolennial Interview

Lev Raslin is interviewing young astronomers on his YouTube channel to learn what the state of the field might be in 15 years.

July 2019

Imposter Phenomenon

I led a workshop about imposter phenomenon for astronomy undergrads and grad students at the Center for Computational Astrophysics.

June 2019

ICMTU Interview

I talked about what it was like to grow up in a log cabin and answered some interesting questions from a talking deli cat.

April 2019

Skills workshop for JumpStart

I gave an introductory scientific skills workshop to a team at the education company, JumpStart.

February 2019

Opportunity Rover on NPR

Sadly, NASA officially shut down the Opportunity Mars Rover mission earlier this month. I was interviewed on NPR's The Takeaway to talk about the rover and what it meant to the scientific community.

January 2019

Shades of U.S. Interview

Producer and filmmaker Darrell Brown interviewed me for his series about how multiracialism can affect people's self-identities. I used it as an opportunity to talk about my path to becoming a scientist.

December 2018

The Martian 

with Making Number 2

I joined Ali Gordon and Marty Scanlon as they pitched a scientifically questionable sequel to the 2015 hit, The Martian, live at Caveat in NYC. 

September 2018

Yeah She Did! at Caveat

Willie Hobbs Moore was the first black woman to get a PhD in physics in the US. I told her story at the coolest edutainment venue in NYC

May 2018

Thrive in the future of work

I wrote an article for Fast Company about how thinking like a scientist can make you better at your job.

July 2017

Talk at the Museum of Science in Boston

I visited the Museum of Science in Boston, MA to talk about my first graduate research project.

October 2016

Stuck in the Past

As part of the Imagine Science Film Festival, I was paired with Spanish filmmaker Javier Diez. Together, we made a video explaining the finite speed of light