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Hi, I'm Dr. Moiya!

Folklorist to the stars,

& Astrophysicist to the folks* 

What's a queer Black girl from rural Pennsylvania doing with four Ivy League degrees in astrophysics and folklore?

She's absolutely thriving!


I'm at my best when collecting and sharing knowledge. I love learning, and I'm on a mission to get other people excited about it, too. So I give talks, write books, and host shows that share facts in fun, engaging ways. 

Remember, learning is allowed to be fun! In fact, studies show that people learn best when they're having fun, so we owe it to science to have a great time.

*this epithet brought to you by Noah Guiberson, a friend who is much cleverer with words than I am


Wait, astrophysics and folklore?! How does that work?

My work sits at the intersection of science and storytelling, fact and fiction, complex concepts and chaotic creativity.

I see mythology and astronomy as two sides of the same coin, one that buys us an ever-evolving understanding of the universe. I'm thrilled that telescopes and computers have given us a mathematical and physical understanding. At the same time, I know that humanity runs on stories. They're such a powerful way to share knowledge, and that's exactly what myths used to do. 

So in my work, I use science to make stories feel rich, and stories to make science accessible. 

What I Offer

"Moiya embodies the most compelling attributes of a great speaker: she knows her science, she is passionate about sharing science, and she understands how to engage her audience. I always walk away with a new or deeper understanding of the topic. In the universe that Moiya shares, science is fascinating, cool, and relevant."

- Lyndele von Schill (NRAO)

"No matter the subject or setting, I always leave with my mind thoroughly blown, and in awe of our universe. Her talks blend humor, information and context in a relatable and entertaining way."

- Kate Downey (Caveat NYC)

"Dr. McTier is witty, brilliant, and an excellent facilitator. I would encourage anyone attempting to foster more creative collaboration across the sciences, arts, and humanities to consider learning from this transformative thinker."

- Josh Cerretti (WWU)

"Dr. McTier captured our audience with her insightful words, clever anecdotes, and meaningful reflection exercises. She managed to keep high school students highly engaged at 9 am on a Saturday, which reflects her great presence and understanding of her audience."

- Helena Heckschen (YWLL)

Dr. McTier's speaking engagements are managed by Worldwide Speakers Group. Contact them to inquire about her availability.

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