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Who I've worked with

For speaking inquiries, contact Worldwide Speakers Group

Speaking Topics

Whether you're organizing a conference, planning a company retreat, or looking to fill out your regular presenter series with a guaranteed crowdpleaser, I'm the speaker for you!

I've given hundreds of talks around the world on a wide range of topics, from the physics of water to global eclipse rituals. No matter what I'm talking about, I love to connect with an audience and get them excited to learn. 

These are my most commonly requested talk topics. If you'd like to work with me but don't see exactly what you're looking for, reach out! I'm happy to create a custom talk for you.


Building Fictional Worlds with Facts

This workshop is an introduction to my process for fictional worldbuilding. The session is great for any audience, can be as interactive as you'd like, and I can incorporate the theme of your event into the activities. 


My Journey to the Stars

In this motivational talk, I describe my life's journey from a log cabin in Pennsylvania to living my dream in New York City. I share the wisdom I picked up along the way and encourage the audience to thrive on their own path. 


How to Break Down Complex Ideas?

As a science communicator, I'm an expert at taking really complicated topics, breaking them down, and sharing them with others. In this talk or interactive workshop, I share my best practices for getting your point across to any and all audiences. 


The Wonders of our Universe

I love talking to people about space. If you want to know about exoplanets, stellar lifecycles, black holes, or anything else in the universe, I would love to tell you about it! Here are some of my favorite topics

  • Telescopes vs. Instruments

  • Why are we here in THIS part of the galaxy?

  • What makes a planet a planet?


Thinking Like a Scientist

You don't have to be great at math or a genius with computers to be a scientist. The real trick is to be curious about the world and systematic in your approach to solving problems. I've identified 9 basic skills used by scientists in their work that anyone can benefit from honing. This multi-session, customizable workshop series covers as many of the skills as you'd like. The skills are:

  • Observables vs. inferrables

  • Asking the right questions

  • Doing quick and dirty math

  • Playing with units

  • Building equations

  • Planning under constraints

  • Proving yourself wrong

  • Visualizing & interpreting data

  • Communicating complex ideas

Earth and Space

Let's Work Together

Dr. McTier's speaking engagements are managed by Worldwide Speakers Group. To inquire about her availability, send them a request.

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